The effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation on health have become a subject of keen interest primarily as a result of the rise of mobile phones and other wireless telecommunication devices. Other applications, such as high-voltage power lines, electrical equipment and all kinds of automatic access and control systems, also prompt questions from time to time. The task of the Committee on Electromagnetic Fields is to closely follow scientific developments, periodically report on these developments and reply to requests for advice. In the context, the Council cooperates closely with the Electromagnetic Fields Knowledge Platform.

This activity is a permanent part of the Environmental health focus area.


  • Prof. H. Kromhout, Professor of Epidemiology of Health Effects from Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields Exposure, Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, University of Utrecht, chair
  • Prof. A. Aleman, Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, University of Groningen
  • Dr. A. Huss, Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, University of Utrecht
  • Dr. S. Le Cessie, Statistician, Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Department of Medical Statistics, Leiden University Medical Cente
  • Dr. M.M. Paulides, assistant professor, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
  • Dr. R.M.C. Mestrom, assistant profesoor, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Prof. H.F.J. Savelkoul, Professor of Cell Biology and Immunology, Wageningen University
  • Dr. R. van Strien, Epidemiologist, Municipal Health Services, Amsterdam
  • Prof. J.J.G. Geurts, Professor of Translational Neuroscience Research, VU University Medical Centre, Amsterdam, structurally consulted expert
  • Dr. G. Kelfkens, Physicist, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Bilthoven, structurally consulted expert
  • Dr. M.J.M. Pruppers, Physicist, Knowledge Platform Electromagnetic Fields, Bilthoven, observer
  • J. Robijns, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, The Hague, observer
  • R.P.R. Schutte, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Hague, observer
  • Dr. H.F.G. van Dijk, Biologist, Health Council of the Netherlands, The Hague, scientific secretary
  • Dr. E. van Rongen, Radiobiologist, Health Council, The Hague, scientific secretay