At the request of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, the Health Council periodically issues advisory reports on developments in the field of medical standards for fitness to drive. Thus, reports have appeared on fitness to drive of individuals with an autism spectrum disorder, those with ADHD, and patients suffering from epilepsy. In each case, there are conflicting demands which need to be addressed explicitly or implicitly, between opportunities for individuals to participate in society through increased mobility on the one hand, and society's need for safety on the other. What scientific evidence is there for the various regulations and the criteria for medical fitness applied therein? And to what extent is closer coordination between these regulations desirable or possible? Not only regulation at the national level is involved, but also European Union directives and regulations need to be taken into account. When necessary, an advice may also lead to an amendment of the pertinent legal regulation (Regeling Eisen Geschiktheid 2000 (Regulation Criteria Fitness to Drive 2000)).

This activity is a permanent part of Optimum healthcare focus area.


  • Prof. R.C. van der Mast, Professor of Psychiatry, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, chairperson
  • Dr. G.A. Donker, MD,  General Practitioner and  Epidemiologist, Nivel  Utrecht
  • Prof. Y. van der Graaf, Professor of Epidemiology, Utrecht University
  • Dr. J. Groeneweg, Faculty of Social Sciences, Leiden University
  • Prof. A.C. Hendriks, Professor of Health Law, Leiden University
  • Prof. J.B.L. Hoekstra, Professor of Internal Medicine, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam
  • Prof. J.E.E. Keunen, Professor of Ophthalmology, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
  • Prof. M.J. Schalij, Professor of Cardiology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden
  • Prof. J.K. Sluiter, Professor of Medical selection and Employee Guidance , AMC Amsterdam
  • Prof. Ir. F. Wegman, Professor of Traffic Safety, TU Delft
  • Prof. J. Wokke, Professor of Neurology, University Medical Centre Utrecht
  • R.A. Bredewoud, physician, Head of the Medical Department, Central Office for Motor Vehicle Driver Testing, Rijswijk, advisor
  • S. Faber, Senior Policy Officer, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, The Hague, observer
  • Dr. P.M. Engelfriet, Health Council, The Hague, scientific secretary
  • Dr. S.J.W. Kunst, Health Council, The Hague, scientific secretary


dr. P.M. Engelfriet (
dr. S.J.W. Kunst (